The Gourmet Road Sauce Company was inspired by my Great Aunt, Marie.

As a young child I would visit her on the family's fully sustainable farm just north of Lafayette, Louisiana in the town of Carencro.

Marie's cooking was famous in the small town. She cooked three meals a day, seven days a week. The road she lived on was later renamed "Gourmet Road" in the late 1980s to honor Marie and her Gourmet cooking. Sunday BBQs and family dinners are a tradition that we hope to carry on for generations to come with our sauces.

Bon Appetit!

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    Our original Louisiana style BBQ sauce takes its inspiration from all the great BBQ destinations, vinegar from the Carolinas, brown sugar from KC and smokey heat from Texas, all with a Louisiana flair. Whether you like your BBQ sauce on pork, chicken,beef or seafood, Gourmet Road Sauce Co. will not disappoint!